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Your First Dance

Your First DanceWe understand how important it is for you to learn to dance for your wedding.

Our certified instructors understand the type of commitment you and your partner are making, and how important this day will be for you and your loved one. When you put your trust in Absolutely DanceSport, we guarantee that we will take good care of your feet and teach you to dance. Our dedication and passion for teaching you to dance well, will reflect in the final product.

Picture yourself the day of your reception… you both will step in confidence and will be able to dance to your favorite song. Dancing in rhythm to the music and bringing joy to those who will watch you glide across the dance floor!

Let us show you how we can teach you both to have fun. Dance and build the confidence you need on the dance floor, so you can relax, dance and savor the moment on that special day!

Your first dance is meant to be one of the most special dances of your lifetime. By learning to dance you can guarantee that it will become a reality.

Many years from now, when your lives have changed in more wonderful ways that you could ever have imagined, you’ll look back on your life and your love and this day where it all began…

Our Best Wishes on Your Very Special Day!

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