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Merry Christmas 2019

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We would like to wish all of our students and all supporting groups and organizations a Merry Christmas & Safe and Joyous Holiday! Dancingly Yours… AbsolutelyDanceSport Studio

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Your 1st Dance

Have you chosen your Romantic, first-dance song? Oh! you have not picked one yet? No worries we can help you select a song you will love or work with the one you chosen. More importantly is to be able to make your 1st Dance look easy and fun. What do you want it to look like? […]

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Private Group Dance Learning

Our Private Group dance instruction gives your group  the opportunity to dance and have fun with people you already know, and to practice leading and following with a variety of dance partners, which is a comfortable dance experience. Choose the different dances your group is interested in, instead of what we have on schedule. In the group you will have […]

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