Our Special Offers!

The Benefits of dancing!

Dancing on a regular basis and being consisting will go a long way to help you become a better dancer and will help you to keep your mind, your soul and your body in tip top shape. Our active students not only understand this, they live it and reap all the benefits that dancing has to offer.

Our introductory special

Our intro special offers your a choice of dances; from the latin dances to the smooth and elegant classic dances.

Beginner Dance Learning

All beginner students are encouraged to take advantage of our intro special whether in the studio or online learning. You get three half hours of instruction for only $100 dollars for a single or a couple.

Private Events

For all private events or special functions please send us a test or a message thru WhatsUp or Messenger or SMS if you are on a cell phone, or a direct phone call.

All private events and special events must be prepaid and scheduled in advance to ensure delivery of services requested. Weather on-location, online or at studio.

Group Dance Learning

Absolutely DanceSport offers group dance learning on-location, your place or our studio. Groups are created by you and must be a minimum of 4 people or more. Group lessons are pre scheduled as agreed and prepaid for the duration that you choose. Start your own group today and let us know whether you want us to come to you or come to the studio near you.

Once you have your group designate the individual with whom we will communicate, have them give us a call so we can arrange for payment location and times that work for all. The cost depends on the location and the number of people in the dance class.

Online Dance Learning

Available on a first come first serve basis… they are available in 1/2 hour, and full hour, and pre-scheduled and prepaid. We will soon be offering online group learning at specific times. Please visit website to stay up to date or send us a message.

Our Special Offers!

Please be sure to give us a call if you have any questions…619-379-2200

We look forward to helping you with your dance needs on the dance floor!

Dancingly Yours,

William Valencia