Dance Learning

If you ever wanted to learn to dance… the time is now considering the many options available and as technology gets even better you are able to learn much faster and more often. Online and on-location.

The First Step… is signing up for your first dance class! Whether you are pursuing, ballroom, Latin or the hottest and most popular club dances like salsa,bachata, and cha-cha. here are some things to expect at your first lesson and tips to help you succeed in your dance learning!

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Private Lessons, Group Lessons or semi-private?(your and another)

Ballroom and Latin dance classes, can have anywhere from 10-20 students on the dance floor, or more – all learning from one teacher. When you’re in one of these dance classes, as opposed to a one-on-one dance lesson, you must be able to learn in a group setting. If you are not tall, try to get a space in the front of the class so you can see the instructor clearly; you want to be able to have full view of the material that is being taught.

If you’d rather learn in a more private setting, or perhaps with just a partner and the teacher, we offer private dance lessons.

Dance Learning at your Pace

While most private dance classes range from 45 minutes to 1 hour, let me start by reminding you, that we are not running a race here, we are here to help you learn at your pace! Most group dance classes however, tend to be at little faster pace, usually starting with a warm-up, previous review of what was learned and new dance patterns introduced and finally practice. Do not be overwhelmed, do your best at staying focused in the patterns, and try to practice as much as you can in between classes. Learning takes practice this will happen over time, while at first it may seem a little mechanical is all part of the learning curve, and that’s why you are taking dance classes!

Be Open to Learning New Steps

There are a lot of dance patterns and terminology that you will learn. However, it will be not thrown at you all at once. If you start in with an open mind, willing to do more than try, then you will succeed! Simply stay positive and be willing to learning the new steps. You don’t have to be perfect or a be the best; the goal here is to learn to dance, have fun, and just give us your best foot forward! We have created thousands of dancers that just followed and modeled learning and success came much easier. We have a methodology that works!

Setting Personal Dance Goals

In all beginners dance classes, there are people that come from all types of backgrounds. Don’t compare yourself to others in the class, or elsewhere. Stick to your goals, and don’t compare your progress to anyone else. We all learn differently, and at different speed. We will constantly monitor your progress and help you to expand your knowledge and promise to give you our best practices to have you earn the title of dancer that enjoys dancing and also learning. We are committed to help you succeed.

Dancingly Yours,
Absolutely DanceSport